Recruitment is open for The Elder Scrolls Online. Please apply on our forums!

Fist of the North (FOTN) is a tightly knit group of casual gamers (insert typical "Family" cliche here). As such, joining the ranks isn't an immediate occurence (Returning Members Read Below). Typically new players have to be "tested" to fit into the group. This isn't an elitist thing, this is a comfort thing. Most of us have been playing together for over 10 years and as such this means we know ourselves. This is why we've been together for so long. The bad apple spoils the bunch, and we take this philosophy seriously. Most guilds don't make it past a few months to a year, but we've been together for over 11.

Some of us are married, have children, or have complicated schedules due to work and other commitments. We're not as hardcore as we used to be, this means we don't play our extended hours as we used to (though sometimes we do), and our time can be very sporatic.

In any case, FOTN is primarily a World PvP oriented guild. We do enjoy the PvE aspects of a game, but our main objective and focus is on RvR, WvW, or World PvP content; however they want to package it. Our current PvP motivation is the WvW combat found in Guild Wars 2.

FOTN does not have a guild leader. The founder, Bombarta Blackheart, still plays with us and is currently in Guild Wars 2, but we no longer run an "organized" guild. Everyone is an officer in the guild, and as such, we all make decisions together. Do to our time in the guild and knowing each other, we don't find ourselves in need of such a dichotomy. Members typically work things out with themselves in a relatively short amount of time.

If you have interest in joining the guild, please leave a guest post on our Public Forum with your name and in what game you are wanting to join us. The process may be slow, but I can assure you it will be worth it. You must get along relatively well with everyone to join and group with us on a regular basis.

If you are a returning player that was not removed from the guild, you are welcome back at any time. Just contact us for forum access, game invite, and Mumble information.