It was the year 2001, and darkness decended upon the land of Midgard. Hibernia and Albion were destroying our lands, taking our children as prisoners, and attempting to capture our prized relic of old, Mjollnir - Hammer of Thor, as their own. Seeing the desperation of his people, Bombarta Blackheart and his chosen few set out to rid our snowy Midgardian mountain peaks of the heathens that beckoned at our doorsteps. They formed a guild to combat this evil and persistent presence. They called themselves the mighty Fist of the North (FOTN) and began to thwart the enemy that berated them. Along their journeys they found new brave warriors to join their ranks, each adding their own battle prowess to the defense of their lands.

During their countless victories they encountered other guilds of warriors; some strong, some weak. They took in the weak and made them strong, and they formed alliances with the others, forming allies and friendships for a lifetime. They grew strong, eventually becoming the strongest alliance Midgard had ever seen, and to this day their tales of exploits can still be heard sung by the skalds around Jordheim's taverns.

FOTN was established in 2001. It quickly became the strongest guild and led the strongest alliance on the shard Percival in the game Dark Age of Camelot. It was founded by Bombarta Blackheart and grew its ranks quickly with very skilled RvR-oriented players. FOTN took in smaller guilds and gave them a larger home to defend DAOC's frontiers. FOTN and the guilds they absorbed had some members that played through many MUDs and games before; the foundation was set, and the guild succeeded beyond all expectations.

FOTN members come and go, but the foundational group has stayed strong for the last 11 years. They've branched out into other games since DAOC and made their impact all over the gaming world; DAOC was just the beginning.

Since their times in DAOC, they've battled countless enemies across multiple worlds; World of Warcraft, Shadowbane, Horizons, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Age of Conan, City of Heroes/Villians, Everquest II, Lord of the Rings Online, Rift, The Secret World, Star Wars the Old Republic, Warhammer Online, and the most recent and current Guild Wars 2. They've also spent countless hours in single player games as well, the most recent being Terraria and DayZ.

FOTN has also been a matchmaking service long before there were sites dedicated to it. Love affairs have come and gone within the confines of the guild, but two couples have endured the test of time. Our guild leader Bombarta married the love of his life Ilanore, and Ilanore's sister Froujke found her husband in the guild and married him. They most recently had their first child.

We've also been the keeper of many talented people, guild members Khruz and Lisa being some of them. This married artist team has drawn for publishers such as Image Comics. One of thier earlier guild pieces was Bombarta and Ilanore, highly praised on the Camelot Herald site for years, and even used by Bioware Mythic as a Christmas card that they mailed out.